Location Snapshot Pro v 1.8.1 APK

Description : Location Snapshot is a simple and lightweight application that records the location of latitude / longitude at the push of a button, without having to launch a full-blown application mapping. This feature is useful for sharing your current location or the location of remembering the past.
To take a picture of your current location, click the “Take snapshot”. The application will suggest the location name to you (Powered by Google Maps API), you can also enter your own name for this location. Click on “Quick Snap” to skip naming proposals.
* Remembering where you were parked
* Use it to remember when hiking spots on the trail
* Use it to remember where you’ve taken a photo

Location Snapshot

Location Snapshot

App Title: Location Snapshot Pro
File Name: Location Snapshot_1.8.1.apk
Version: 1.8.1
File Size: 1.5 MB
Supported Android Version: KitKat (4.4–4.4.4)- Lollipop (5.0–5.0.2) or Marshmallow
Published :16 April 2016
Author: Kurtis Chiappone
Play.Google Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.chiappone.locationsnapshot&rdid=net.chiappone.locationsnapshot

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