Crossy Creeper Smashy Skins 2.5.1 APK

Description :  Skin Editor finally in the game! Create your favorite characters and share them on social networks, so that we can see!
# Special Christmas was here! Try the new Christmas Smashy characters and make the best records with them!

Want crossy funnel to play games with your favorite heroes or characters? Welcome to the most heroic endless crossroads game in the world!

Best Features:

# Skin Editor in edit your own skin like in Minecraft game. Finally, you can design your own skins and to play with them without limits! remember that is beta version. Soon new features and improvements!
# [NEW] Free challenges to complete to unlock new skins / signs!
# 100+ characters to unlock with different performances and animations. Use shooty weapons with a lot of character, flying across the sky with a kite with the mother of dragons playing or cats throwing from the air attack creepers with rubius character!
# 5 different block terrains: Green Mountain, Inferno (Halloween Edition), Jura Hopper Mountain, Snow Mountain (Christmas Edition), sweets and desert
# Slot machine for random missions! Now all the games will never be the same! Each completed mission will be rewarded with skins or diamonds!
# Dangerous road with cars, Jurassic dinosaurs and deserts full of creepers.
# Completely free!

All your favorite characters and heroes and their own set of skills for you in this amazing crossy game waiting for you! Games Random games with them and beat the best results!

You are railways, roads and rivers in different areas such as snowy mountains, inferno, desert, … crosy And you are struggling with the Smashy creepers have that you are trying to catch and explode into cubes or blocks to pausing of intersection their ways.

Try this Minecraft – style game with innovative survival mechanics mixed. Do not wait! Try this amazing arcade game!

Outstanding features:

# Randomly generated and crafted blocky world.
# Skins Shop. Collect them all! Skins like Link Kakarotto, Slenderman, Eisenmann, Jinx, Freddy, chica, flyers, shooty …
# Fully destructible world. Use your character to destroy different services of all kinds of obstacles and enemies.
# Matches with day and night Ilumination!
# Flyer meteorites that fall and explode the block area
# Enemies! Children climbing plants and Mom t-shirt will smash and explode as close as possible
# Smashy and shooty catapult or canon that you start your character forward, to beat your best record!
# Get Unlockable pockets of hidden objects!
# Various habilities / power-ups for some skins / signs! Unlock all characters to discover which habilitie have each one!
# Collect diamonds to swap in the store! And Diamond cages, if you’re lucky!
# Crosy road, rails and rivers jumping! And avoid dinosaurs on Jurassic terrain!
# Beware of meteorites, exploding on the ground or on the road!
# Record and share your video replays to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
# Take your best score on the world rankings and keep your data on the device. Crossy as much as possible!!

Crossy Creeper Smashy Skins 2.5.1 APK

Crossy Creeper Smashy Skins 2.5.1 APK

App Title:  Crossy Creeper Smashy Skins 2.5.1
File Name:  Crossy Creeper Smashy Skins 2.5.1 .APK
Version:  2.5.1
File Size:  31.4 MB
Supported Android Version: Gingerbread (2.3–2.3.7)- Honeycomb (3.0–3.2.6)- Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0–4.0.4)- Jelly Bean(4.1–4.3.1)- KitKat (4.4–4.4.4)- Lollipop (5.0–5.0.2) or (6.0)- Marshmallow
Released Date:  Apr 07 2016
Author:  Keplerians
Play.Google Link:

Crossy Creeper Smashy Skins 2.5.1 APK
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