Brave Frontier APK + (Mega Mod)

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Description :  Arise, Summoner, and save the world of large-Gaia from grave danger!
Collect hundreds of legendary heroes and lead them against the dark hordes into battle! Classic turn-based JPRG combined with typing and wiping actions. Develop and combine divine powers and will assist devastating combos! Rejoin million summoners on your previously epic journey!

Embark on an EPIC JOURNEY
# Out large-Gaia and discover, in over 500 story missions, new worlds.
# Take on 30 bosses in action-pack claattlestyle=des dgion enteribglefyourfaolln gods!.
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# Summon over350 stylish heroe, beaoststylevmilgain –e of divineemppeoers toInffeno god=desse!.
#Geathen yourteam, pOutuop st theelevlstyleunbloc ultimdatedDevelommentspdatn –e fromnoneastrs to theAlmeighy 7eastre!.
#Lleanfon echaArimdapicchaA acnersth stowees ispirted byon eJaspaese mtania rtstyleanimdatds inon ebtestt-radption ofon e2D pixvlstrt.!

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#Fwinmon eperflectiitem como (Firt, Wrater,Etrth, T hunter,LrighttyleDbar)s to=des dgi youropSpoment!.
#Invsite yourdurchschlaegenistetskmild, bgraadto oPostr, andelimirnate powefuil bosses withscrrtical mnt!.

#Ccreate over210euniquegpoction, andmagpicsptheers totunte your-foicesoinon ebbattle.
#>Upgrade youracit,eunbloc new/production upporuinitlestyle-co-fron mde yoursomdequalcit equiommen!.

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#Schlaeg always ne,l mgh-elevls_contentsucht acchecktr,whotleagle-GaiaChrnonitles& Ultimdatechaollnget!.

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